big news

We're having a baby!

I can't decide if it was the oily nose or the sweaty armpits that made me question whether or not my uterus was riding solo. Whatever it was, it urged me to pull into the Publix parking lot so that I could pick up a two-pack of pregnancy tests. Sure enough, when I returned home and had my moment with the nifty, little pee-stick, something caught my eye and filled my belly with immediate butterflies. I ran to the living room, where my boys were suiting up for a night of fireworks (sparklers, really), and shared my surprise with the two of them. Steve's smirk lit the room up, while Lennon pranced around and called himself "Big Brudder". And although the moment felt surreal, it was such a sweet one - one that will always stick with me...and Baby #2, of course.

That was a week ago.

Besides the bloated gut and the ever-so-sore boobs, I'm feeling fabulous! I'm still running my two to three miles, three times a week, and acne and morning sickness are nonexistent. My husband is beside himself, as he's already cleared out what will soon be Baby #2's nursery, and our incredibly witty toddler is constantly throwing name choices at us. (His latest suggestions are Lizard and/or Megamind - two of which he put much thought into, so we shall see.) That said, the coming months are sure to be fast-paced and interesting!

Next Wednesday, Baby #2 and I head to Clearwater to visit Dr. Delgado - a good friend of my momma's - and to confirm that there is only ONE in there. (Hey - with a family history of multiple sets of twins, it's always a possibility!) Hopefully, she'll estimate a due date, giving my increased anticipation and daydreaming a little something extra to hold onto and allowing reality to really sink in.

I'm super-stoked for round two and looking forward to everything - the changes, the cravings, the flutters, and the milestones. I'm excited to share the experience with my first-born (as well as the ice cream sundaes and the peanut butter brownies) and to show him a whole new avenue of love. And best of all, I'm looking forward to being Momma...all over again.

Cheers to this growing family of mine!


  1. SO excited for you! I am due in October with another sweet boy :) The second time around is just as exciting!!

  2. I had no idea!!! Congrats to you three!!! =)